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Outdoor Board

$310/mth plus GST

  • Group turnout into paddocks or fields – personalities will be matched to minimize friction – usually based on feed needs (nag bag free choice geldings, nag bag free choice mares, no bag free choice geldings, no bag free choice mares, hand fed geldings, hand fed mares) – individual fields available as well.
  • Free choice hay in the winter, appropriate hay to add to pasture in the summer
  • Salt/Mineral licks, Free choice Water at all times
  • 3 Sided Shelters in all fields
  • Locker provided for all boarders free of charge – you may bring a tack box if you prefer – we may need to limit this due to space restrictions
  • Access to all facilities (indoor and outdoor arenas, barn area, riding around the property)
  • Horses will be visually checked each day and owner notified if there are any injuries or damaged blankets
  • Boarding Contract
  • Please note that all new boarders will have a 14 day quarantine time in an individual pen (no extra fee for this), if the horse is deemed healthy at that time they will be turned out with others. If any symptoms of illness are found we will lengthen the quarantine time – this is to protect the new horses health, as well as that of the existing boarders.
  • All new boarders need to complete a horse profile and boarding contract when they arrive.
  • NOTE TO NEW BOARDERS: We are using the protocols established by Alberta Agriculture on deworming – we do annual fecal testing, then only treat horses with parasite loads high enough to be of concern. Once new horses are “clean” then we only require two dewormings a year instead of the traditional 4. This saves our horses getting unnecessary chemicals through their systems, and also helps prevent the issue of parasites that are resistant to our dewormers. Our results have been very good so far – our fecal testing has only had one or two horses show up with a significant parasite load, and invariably those are horses that have not lived with us for very long. Our spring dewormer is Exodus (a non-ivermectin dewormer), our fall is either Quest of Noromectin.

Other Services

  • Farrier or vet holding – $15 normally – extremely long times may be more (discussed ahead of time)
  • Haul in fee for arena use – $20 per horse per ride (please advise before arriving so we can warn of any busy arena times that day). Arrangements for monthly use rates can be made for those wanting to haul in regularly at a reduced rate.
  • Trailering – prices to be discussed before trips are made
  • Training – $30 per ride for Lara
  • Show Help – $30 per day at show