Indoor riding ring

Coverall arena – 70′ by 150′ (plans to increase riding space by 30 feet in the near future). Arena is harrowed daily, and has sand footing. New footing was added on November 2016.

Outdoor riding ring

100 ft x 220 ft with sand footing and plank fencing.

Tack up area

The barn is located inside the indoor arena. The barn area is 70′ x 30′ . There are cross ties sufficient for 8 horses tacking up at the same time, 24 lockers, and plans to put in cubby holes as we complete the alleyway. There is also a separate lesson tack area, indoor portable toilet, feed room, viewing room, and utility room. Our viewing room is well insulated and is heated through the cold weather to allow us to keep medications and drinking water available, and to allow families of riders a place to keep warm while watching. The barn renovation is currently underway, once this is complete we will begin demolition of the old section.


We have a variety of sizes and locations of pastures to accommodate just about any horses turnout needs. In the summer there are many other options – in winter we are limited by getting water tank heaters plugged in. In summer we try our best to rotate horses onto pastures with grass, and supplement that pasture with hay as needed – skinny horses have never had trouble here. We understand that some horses have “special needs” and do our best to accommodate them. Usually there is a way to make it work for any horse.


We have continued working on the barn/arena renovation – the viewing room has new benches with storage underneath, a mini-kitchenette to organize our supplies, and banks of amazing cupboards that are the walls to the expanded space in the arena. We have cleaned up most of the construction zone and just need some committed souls to bring sledge hammers and start demo so we can move on to prepping the base and adding footing to the new space.


We have plans for some pen renovations this summer – details are too involved to put in here, but let’s just summarize by saying we will have better isolation options for injuries and new horses, and gates will be closer to the barn, not to forget that there will be less grass to mow in the summer.

We still need to complete the ceiling in the barn so we can change our temporary lockers into permanent ones that are built in to the floor and ceiling – that too is something we will keep working on over the rest of the winter.

We are looking forward to our 6th anniversary at this location on April 1 2017!