We have a fantastic line up of lesson horses to suit all levels of riders and personalities.


Monkey is still one of our favourites in the program – he does phenomenal dressage and jumps like a grand prix horse. He stands at 15.2 hands high, but rides like 16.2 hands high. He was born May 2002 – he is a chestnut and white pinto, with a quarter horse/appaloosa/paint heritage. Monkey is the baby of one of our treasured lesson horses that has passed away – he will be ours until the day he dies. This photo was taken at the Skorrybrook show around 2007.




Doc 1

Doc 1 was born in May 2003. After our initial problems with Doc he has turned into a very willing and enthusiastic partner for his riders. He is still very particular with who rides him – and we still allow him to tell us who he will work for. He has a kind demeanor to go with his good looks – standing at 16 hands high, very thick build, a nice red chestnut with a blaze and lots of white on his legs. He is a breeding stock Paint – meaning that he has Paint parents, but no white splashes on his body.




Doc 2

Doc 2 has turned into a great horse for beginners to figure out the ropes – he is kind, thoughtful and very handsome. His draft heritage show clearly through his high white stockings on the back legs and a nice white blaze on his face. His neat roaned bay colour make him easy to spot in the group. He can work up to the level of the more advanced riders, or help a beginner learn how to canter. He was born in the spring of 2004, stands 16.1 hands high and looks like a warm blood.





Andy is a thoroughbred mare that we got as an ex-race horse – she was born in the spring of 2003. She is a delicate looking 16 hands high, “liver” chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. She too has some fancy leg markings and a large blaze. She has learned how to jump easily, and reminds us that thoroughbreds were made for speed. She is mainly ridden by the more experienced riders as she occasionally remembers what her ancestors were bred for. Andy is one of the dominant horses in her field and tells everyone else where they should be. This photo was taken at the Killerney Farms horse show June 3, 2012, credit to Braden Greenlaw (BSG Photography).


Sam:Candy9Candy has become an amazing lesson pony. She jumps honestly and cleanly, and packs the beginners as well as
doing more advanced riders. She goes to shows and is the same pony as she is at home. She was born in 2006. She is a Welsh Cross (section B) – standing at 13.2 hands high. She is a bay with a star. Candy has become an amazing kids horse – she has settled in the barn and allows the younger kids to tack up all on their own, has a fantastic work ethic when under saddle, and is a calm and brave jumping pony. She has become a keystone member of our lesson horse gang. She doesn’t know it yet, but I think she’s going to become our new Norman.


Stompy is our donkey that came with another horse during a marital break up. He was born in 2006 – we have recently learned that donkeys are quite long lived, and we probably need to incorporate him into our will… He has taught the beagle (in less than 1/2 hour!!!!!) that we do not go into Stompy’s pen if we are 4 legged predators. The boundary is very clear, and both dogs have quickly learned that it is best to abide by Stompy’s rules. Stompy is very friendly and likes scratches, he makes a funny partial-bray when it is feeding time. He calls to the house when his bale feeder is getting low. Stompy loves attention and will come to the fence if anyone looks like they may give him a scratch. He enjoys playing with the thoroughbreds – there is always someone goofy enough the group to give Stompy something to do!






1380091_10151632450770653_1263914990_nGriffin officially became ours November 1, 2013. He is a doll to handle in the barn – he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. We love that we could give this horse a second job that suits his exceptionally personable nature. He is a lovely black thoroughbred with a neat white star and stripe on his face. He has a bit of dressage training and has now begun his jumping career. He has a lovely jump and calmness when handling a new task that is very special to see in such a young horse. Although he has gained a significant amount of weight since he has been here he still has quite a ways to go. Griffin is working with our most experienced riders learning the ropes for basic jumping skills. He is a willing partner and showing us some neat personality now that he has gained some pounds. Griffin has developed into an absolute doll of a lesson horse – he can pack young riders or move up to the more experienced ones – not much phases this young man. We look forward to seeing him grow into an old horse with us.






Willow is another off the track thoroughbred, 10 years old (birth year 2006) and knows everything! She is a treat to have for lessons as she can teach the riders moving up in their skills what they are aiming for. She is a very pretty red chestnut mare with a neat narrow blaze. She lived here for several years previously, then her owner moved to Calgary, and has now returned. She is working with the most experienced lesson riders that are able to manage some speed and challenge learning how to do flying lead changes.



Baron is a newcomer as of September 15, 2016. He is 8 years old (making his birth year in 2008), with a past history as a race track pony horse, and trail rides. He is settling in, needs to learn his dressage foundations, start jumping, and then he’ll be in the program for real. Right now he has 2 riders that are playing with him. He is a very solidly built registered Quarter Horse, 15.3 hands high, chestnut with a star. Built like a tank, very similar in body type to Doc 1. More to come on him as we get to know him better!\



Cash is a Fjord/Morgan cross, that has the appearance of a full blood Fjord. He is in training, and will only get the most experienced riders for quite a while. He is a sweet heart to handle, standing around 14.3 hh, with the typical dun markings and cool white and black mane of a Fjord. We are eager to see what this young man will learn in the next few months, so far he has been a quick learner and showing fantastic potential for lessons.